Chris Shirley

Chris Shirley

Chris Shirley serves as Associate Dean of the Terry School of Educational Ministries at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Shirley has also taught at the Graduate School of Ministry at Dallas Baptist University and served for over 20 years in Christian camping and local churches in North Carolina and Texas.

Coaching Topics

Evaluating current family ministry and strategically equipping parents to be spiritual leaders.

I will use the family ministry model (as explained in my book, Family Ministry & the Church) to help leaders evaluate their current situation and think strategically about equipping parents to be spiritual leaders, as well as helping church leaders see the other opportunities within the church to strengthen families and equip them to be disciple-makers.

Equipping grandparents to be the intentional spiritual leaders in the family.

Equipping grandparents to be intentional spiritual leaders in the family and (with Boomer ministry) challenging older adults to be involved with younger generations in the church.

Developing small group ministry and servant leaders.

My expertise is in the areas of developing small group ministry, developing servant leaders, and implementing an intentional disciple-making strategy in the church.