Academic Partners

Since the very beginning of the D6 Conference, various higher education institutions recognized our audience as today’s thought and ministry leaders. Many of the main stage and breakout speakers come from these seminaries, universities, and colleges and what’s even more valuable is how they are producing the highest quality age-specific ministry leaders for children, student, college, family, and lead pastor. Our academic partners not only exhibit at D6 but they offer certificate and course credit hours in family ministry and discipleship. Imagine getting credit for a conference you already love attending. Afterward, you can apply the credit toward a degree you have been considering. Take a look at our academic partners—support them because their graduates are today’s sought after ministry leaders.

Certificate Programs

Bethel Seminary

Do you want to dig deeper into family ministry with other ministry leaders from across the country and earn seminary credit while doing so? Bethel Seminary is partnering with D6 to offer a Certificate in Family Ministry linking eight months of online learning with the D6 Pre-Conference and all Breakouts. Experience learning led by seasoned Bethel Seminary Faculty, read and discuss key books in family ministry, and develop family ministry projects tailored for your setting. This Certificate stands on its own merit plus offers the added value of seminary course credit should you choose to enroll at Bethel Seminary. Please contact Dr. Deb Moncauskas directly if you are interested!

Dr. Deb Moncauskas
(619) 417-6904

Credit Hours

Biola University

Biola’s Christian ministries major is designed to develop your abilities and spiritual gifts for leadership in parachurch organizations or specialized ministries within the church. Along the way, you’ll gain biblical wisdom and practical insights to help you disciple the specific groups to which you’ve been called — whether children, youth, adults, families or others. Throughout the Christian ministries program, your coursework will focus on leadership and teaching, administration and counseling, evangelism and discipleship with specific application to ministry.

Dave Keehn
(562) 903-4819

Dallas Baptist University

The Graduate School of Ministry at Dallas Baptist University provides training for individuals who sense God’s call to ministry. Our degree programs are designed to prepare students to impact culture through practical ministry in the church, community, and world.

Dr. Shelly Melia
(214) 333-5943

Randall University

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry combines general education, biblical and practical theology, philosophical studies, and experiential learning in order to prepare the student for opportunities in various Christian Ministry fields. Alongside the core requirements, students are free to choose from a variety of ministry specializations directed towards their calling or interest. The Youth and Family Ministry specialization exists for the purpose of providing general, theological, and ministry education for Christians preparing for various types of youth and family ministry.

Jim Harris
(405) 912-9000

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Doctor of Education program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is an excellent choice for those interested in deepening their understanding of teaching, curriculum development, educational leadership, and Christian counseling. The course of study provides students with skills in instructional techniques, research methods, and critical thinking. Many of our graduates go on to lead ministry or university programs, and are able to contribute to institutional planning and curriculum design.

Ken Coley
(919) 761-2490

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College

After attending the D6 Conference in the fall, engage in readings, write a paper, and receive three hours of credit for the course 45800 Discipling Children at Southern Seminary. This credit will be transferable to many institutions of higher education. Go to for more information.

Timothy Paul Jones
(502) 897-4200

Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University

Our Master of Arts in Ministry is a streamlined 36 hour degree designed to be done “on the run” while you are serving or volunteering in ministry. This highly practical program is designed to challenge you to tune-up your ministry skills and learn effective new ways to serve God and others in just two years. A professor with real ministry experience will guide you in applying your weekly homework assignments to your local ministry context. Seminary classes take place in a cohort model, which means you begin your degree together and then proceed through of the degree until you graduate together. This model not only helps motivate you to keep going; it creates a spiritual and relational bond between you and your cohort peers.

Stephanie Riebe
(765) 677-3410