David Womack

David Womack

David is the husband of Teresa, father to Tera, Tayla, and Tana (not a great naming strategy); and “gandaddy” to Trevor, Samuel, Kimber, and Ezra. Drawing from over 24 years in pastoral ministry David helps churches and families with practical solutions for discipleship. David currently serves as the Director of Customer Service and Sales at Randall House Publications in Nashville, TN.

Coaching Topics

Coaching small churches to be effective disciplers.

How Small Churches can be effective Disciplers and have Kingdom Impact. There exists such potential and equal challenges for smaller churches. Most small churches consider themselves disadvantaged because of their size. Smaller churches have several advantages that larger churches have to work hard to achieve. Every church is valuable in God’s eyes, and every church has a unique personality and purpose, regardless of size, tradition, or location. There are ways to leverage a small church’s potential and work around their specific challenges. I am eager to discuss these opportunities with any pastor of a smaller church.

How to reclaim the parent’s role in generational discipleship.

Reclaiming the parents’ role in discipling families. We can discuss ways to get parents more involved in generational discipleship. For decades most parents have out-sourced discipleship to the church and the church has tried numerous programs to facilitate it. Discipleship is a lifestyle; not an event or a program. Discipleship doesn’t require a ministry specialist. Research bears out the most influential people in the lives of children and teens are their parents and grandparents especially when they’re engaged (whoever their loving care-giver is). God wired that into our DNA; it makes sense to work with it. There are effective ways to get parents more interested and involved in the lives of their children, teens, and adult children.