Eddie Moody

Eddie Moody

Eddie Moody is the Executive Secretary of the NAFWB. Previously he worked was a professor of counselor education and associate dean of the School of Education at North Carolina Central University. He served as lead pastor at Tippett’s Chapel in Clayton, NC for over 19 years. He holds a Ph.D. in counselor education from North Carolina State University, an M.A. in clinical psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, and a B.A. in pastoral training from Welch College. Moody has authored Surviving Culture, First Aid for Emotional Hurts: Helping People Through Difficult Times, and the First Aid for Your Emotional Hurts training series.

Coaching Topics

Coaching parents as they navigate their youth through high school into college.

Preparing your child for a college and career. Let’s talk about how to coach parents about the actions they need to be engaged in to help navigate their youth through the college application and admission process, with emphasis on helping an adolescent identify majors and a particular career path.

Burnout prevention.

Burnout Prevention (Treatment). We can discuss steps pastors can take to reduce their susceptibility to burnout and enjoy healthy ministries. Activities that will help pastors who describe themselves as burned out can also be discussed.