Jim Wideman

Jim Wideman

Jim Wideman is considered a pioneer and one of the fathers of the family ministry movement. He is an Orange Strategist and thinker with over 40 years of hands-on experience in the local church. Jim currently serves as the family pastor at The Belonging Company in Nashville, Tennessee. Jim and his wife have two daughters and two of the most handsome grandsons ever born!

Coaching Topics

Leadership, time management, ministry balance, and more.

I have spent the last decade and more coaching children’s leaders and others on leadership, time management, home, ministry balance, structure, problem-solving, and pretty much do anything within this area.

Identifying areas of difference in marriage and work toward restoring unity.

I’ve raised two grown daughters and have taught on parenting for 45 years. I have worked with all phases and situations. I specialize in helping marriages identify areas of difference and work on restoring agreement and ability to work together.