We have Stephen Kendrick and Dr. Edward Moody as our guests!

Stephen Kendrick, the producer of movies such as Courageous, War Room, and Fireproof, talks about transferable lessons that ministry leaders can learn by getting into the mind of a producer. He discusses communication, especially in regard to casting vision. Stephen guides on how to discern a personal idea from a God idea. He reflects on the antagonists in a couple of movies and tells us how we can recognize antagonists in our lives and everyday ministry.

Dr. Edward Moody counsels us on how to help families who have encountered trauma. First, Dr. Moody defines trauma and distinguishes it from a crisis. He suggests ways we can determine if a family needs counseling versus just some encouragement, and he provides tips on choosing a trauma counselor. Dr. Moody also describes how he would typically approach the process of helping a person or family affected by a traumatic event. He also recommends books for those who have been through trauma.