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#413 | Me-Centered vs God-Centered – Carissa Potter

We are honored to have Carissa Potter as our guest. Carissa joins us to discuss the societal norm of self-centeredness and how this impacts our view of God, Scripture, and our place in God's story. She begins by telling us what has led our...

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#412 | Resilient Leaders – Dr. Shelly Melia

This week, we welcome Dr. Shelly Melia to the D6 Podcast. Dr. Shelly defines what a resilient leader is and why resilient leaders are critical to the church. She talks about how the world we live in contributes to our need for resilience....

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#411 | A New Scorecard for Groups – Ken Brady

We are honored to have Ken Braddy joining us on today's podcast to discuss the future of discipleship and creating a new scorecard for small groups. Ken tells us what research shows is the number one reason people attend a group and the...

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