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“The D6 Podcast is not only an incredibly insightful, it’s fun to listen to. D6 has brought together an incredible lineup of family ministry leaders with expertise, ideas, and experience to share I have learned from this podcast!”
– Matt Guevara

“The D6 Family podcast offers practical helps for kids leaders, youth leaders, and parents that are founded in scripture. I have found myself relistening to several episodes that have challenged me as a parent and as a pastor.”
– Sam Luce

“As a fan of D6, and specifically of Ron Hunter, I look forward to the D6 Podcast. Through Ron’s extensive network of interesting and insightful leaders, the podcast provokes to deep thought, helps listeners to consider ideas and points of view that may be new, and offers new ways of thinking about the church in a changing world. I am sold on the D6 Podcast.”
– Chap Clark

“The D6 team cares about the things that matter: God, family and ministry. Not surprisingly, the D6 Podcast inspires, equips and supports you to think about, care about, and talk about the things that matter, too.”
– Megan Fate Marshman

“I cannot think of a more biblical, practical, and impactful resource for church leaders who minister to the family than the D6 Podcast.”
– Josh Mulvihill, PhD