Welcome! It’s an honor to have you with us today as we welcome our two guests, Bill Hull and Dale Hudson.

Bill Hull has a passion for seeing the church return to its disciple-making roots, and he is with us to talk about disciple-making evangelism. He believes both discipleship and evangelism are necessary, and he gives his take on discipleship’s generational impact. Bill also tells us about The Bonhoeffer Project and how ministers can get involved. 

Dale Hudson talks with us about leading well in kids’ and family ministry. He shares the top two questions that he is asked about children’s and family ministry, which focus on building volunteers and the consistency of church attendance. Dale expounds upon this second struggle, explaining how to help parents make church a priority and what it looks like for parents to make Jesus the “center hub” of their family. He also explains how to get ministers to shift their focus onto what happens in the home and not just on the church campus.