We are delighted to have Terry Williams and Matt McKee as our very special guests for this show. 

Terry Williams is here to attack the chaos in our homes by coaching parents on how to stop yelling. Terry describes where this behavior stems from and sends a very clear message that listening is the key to ending this kind of behavior. He gives guidelines on communication and stresses that time with children must be a priority. Terry shares tips on beginning faith-based conversations, tells how to fight fair, and talks on how to discuss taboo subjects with your children. He also cautions parents on ignoring communication blind spots and offers two parenting resources to help encourage you and your parents. 

Matt McKee sits down to speak to the “side hustle.” He offers encouragement to those that may be seeking to bring an idea to life. Matt walks us step by step through getting an idea off the ground and gives realistic views on what it takes to see a dream become reality.