We are honored to announce Shelly Melia and Jason Houser as our guests for today’s show.

Shelly Melia provides a step by step guide on how to minister to grieving families. She starts with what to do after you get that first phone call, drawing from the examples found in Job to encourage ministers to be present even if they don’t say anything. Shelly tells us how to serve children during the funeral process and how to continue ministering after the attention has died down. She also walks us through what the journey of grief looks like for children and teens, and she addresses mistakes that ministers can make when ministering to grieving families as well.

Jason Houser draws from Proverbs 3:5-6 to discuss how parents can help children that are dealing with fear and anxiety. He stresses the importance of prayer and showing them what it means to bring their concerns to the Lord. Jason provides his personal story of counseling his own child through these fearful times. He shares about his book, Dedicated: Training Your Children to Trust and Follow Jesus, and he talks about Seeds Family Worship, where he leads the creative team in writing and recording.