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The DNA of D6 is a powerful and practical family ministry book that I wholeheartedly recommend to every pastor, ministry leader, and parent who cares about healthy churches and Christ-centered families.

Timothy Paul Jones, Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Family Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author of Perspectives on Family Ministry and The Family Ministry Field Guide



Ron Hunter and D6 are at the center of an amazing shift in family ministry in the Church. The DNA of D6 movement is a solid strategy of doing generational discipleship right.

Jim Burns, Ph.D.
President, HomeWord



Finally! This book is long overdue. It’s simply the best family ministry and generational discipleship book ever.

Les Parrott, Ph.D.
Author of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts



If you’re really serious about disciplining kids and families, then The DNA of D6 is your starting point.

Dale Hudson
Director of Children’s Ministries at Christ Fellowship Church and writer at



D6 ministry’s hardwiring is “not about the next generation—it is about every generation.”

Dr. Steve Vandegriff
Professor, Department of Christian Leadership and Church Ministries, Liberty University



If you want to be a D6 church, you’ll want to get this strategy manual.

Dr. Scott Turansky
National Center for Biblical Parenting



Ron Hunter offers us wisdom and advice, which youth workers and the entire church staff should read, consider, and enlist.

Dr. Walt Mueller
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding



The DNA of D6 is one of the best books I’ve read on discipleship. I have required it for several of our staff to read!

Chris Truett
Senior Pastor, Bethel FWB Church, Kinston, NC



Ron Hunter offers a series of dynamic questions, conversations, and essential Scriptures, which God can use to accelerate your church’s impact for generations to come.

Rob Rienow
Founder of Visionary Family Ministries—



This concise resource can begin credible and productive discussions and plans for families and ministry leaders.

Tommy Sanders, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic and Graduate Programs and professor of religion at East Texas Baptist University



The DNA of D6 is a timely and critical resource for the church today. Ron provides both hope and a roadmap to help the church partner with parents to accomplish their most important task—discipling their kids. This book is easy to read, and is full of memorable and practical steps for passing on the faith to the next generation.

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
Professor at Biola University, international speaker, and best-selling author of over 15 books



Ron Hunter has stimulated our thinking towards a refocus on generational discipleship.

Christopher Talbot
Program Coordinator for Youth & Family Ministry at Welch College



Ron Hunter has written a primer for generational discipleship that connects the church and home for maximum impact. He has brilliantly set the local church up for unique and effective strategic implementation, as it should be.

Brian Haynes
Lead Pastor, Bay Area First Baptist Church



My good friend Ron Hunter has outdone himself with his book, The DNA of D6. We have enriched our focus on families by using many of the things we have gleaned and then discussed as a staff. Ron is one of the most gifted leaders I know and this book is a must have for every ministry leader’s book shelf.

Chad Overton
Minister to Children, Houston’s First Baptist Church, Houston, Texas



This book vividly illustrates the power of parental influence and generational discipleship in raising children to be followers of Jesus.

Jason Caillier
Professor and Director of Master of Arts in Family Ministry, Dallas Baptist University



If you’re brand new to the D6 message or a seasoned veteran, this book will guide you in the process of developing a solid family ministry that reaches and excites the homes in your church and community.

Ted Cunningham
Founding Pastor, Woodland Hills Family Church; Author of The Power of Home and Fun Loving You



In The DNA of D6, Ron Hunter presents a comprehensive guide for how today’s congregation can both equip and serve families and parents in a biblical partnership for generational discipleship. In The DNA of D6, Ron’s heart for strengthening the family is evident, and his love for the church shines through.

Chap Clark, Ph.D.
Editor and contributor for 21st Century Youth Ministry: 5 Views; Professor of Youth, Family, and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary



In The DNA of D6, Ron Hunter clearly lays out a plan for linking church and home in that valuable process of generational discipleship. Church leaders need to absorb every word.

Richard Ross, Ph.D.
Professor of Youth Ministry, Southwestern Seminary



Let Ron and The DNA of D6 re-impassion you for ministry.

Dannah Gresh
Best-selling author and Founder of Secret Keeper Girl



Ron Hunter has provided a refreshing look at generational discipleship—arguably the most important ministry concept facing the church today. The DNA of D6 provides the necessary leadership principles that will produce the habits needed for healthier believers and corporate church bodies. The practical nature of this book provides the church leader with concepts that can be adapted to any local church ministry. This is more than a novel idea. It is a foundational catalyst for change, and it begins with you!

Ron Davis
Director of Student Life, Southeastern FWB College



Finally! A comprehensive guide to practically implementing family ministry into the heart of the church. Ron Hunter absolutely hit a home run with The DNA of D6! This book is the perfect resource for the local church looking to help its families move beyond the burdensome, disappointing status quo and embrace God’s original intention for them—to make their home a discipleship center to build a legacy of thriving faith.

Tommy Swindol
The Donelson Fellowship



This book is a courageous and bold vision by Ron Hunter, who shares how a united partnership and vision by a church, its congregation, and families can effectively disciple and keep the next generation in Christ. This brilliantly simple, but not easy design and strategy, gets us back to the heart of ministry to families. I wish every leader would catch his vision. A must read for the sake of the next generation.

Ben Freudenburg
Professor in Family Life Education Concordia University; Director Concordia Center for the Family; Founder of Family Friendly Partners Network



My friend Ron Hunter is nothing short of a world-class spiritual DNA expert. Ron understands the building blocks God uses to build strong families and strong children. He shares them in a way that’s real, really understandable, and really needed by parents today. The D6 Movement that Ron launched has revolutionized faith formation in hundreds of churches across our country. Now, at last, there’s a book that YOU can take home and see these incredible D6 principles impact in YOUR LIFE, your faith, and your children’s faith today!

John Trent, Ph.D.
Gary D. Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary; Author of The Blessing and LifeMapping