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Visionary Parenting

Visionary Parenting gives insightful advice meant to draw families closer to God and each other.

Readers will capture a fresh, God-sized vision for their family. No matter where they are on the parenting journey, they will see God can transform a home. It begins with understanding God’s purpose for the family and taking an honest look at the current state of the home. The author shares the foundational truth that God created the family to ensure that each generation grows up to know, love, and serve Him. The Rienows remind readers of the instructions from God given directly to parents in Deuteronomy 6:5-7 that will transform any home.

Rob and Amy Rienow give encouragement and insight into life-changing parenting that will impact generations to come. Parents will be inspired to build faith and character in the heart of their kids. Topics covered include: the God-filled daily life, impacting a thousand generations, the family calendar, the noble calling of fatherhood and motherhood, the vision for family worship, and discipline that shapes the heart.

Enjoy this free video that lays the groundwork for the principles taught in Visionary Parenting!