Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to connect with your kids while they’re out from school! Here are four simple ways to do so.

#1 Involve your kids in the planning and prepping for your Thanksgiving meal. 

  • Let them help with decorations
  • Ask if they would like to help with setting the table
  • Brainstorm the menu together

#2 Discuss what you are thankful for. 

  • Take a walk and point out things in nature that you are thankful for
  • Write out the word THANKSGIVING and have your kids come up with things they are thankful for that begin with a “T” and then an “H” and then an “A” and so on
  • Thanksgiving “Show and Tell”: Have your kids grab a few things from around the house and share with the family why they are thankful for it

#3 Autumn Scavenger Hunt

  • List 5 to 10 items your kids can search for
  • Examples: green leaf, red leaf, yellow leaf, acorn, biggest rock, twig, bird, squirrel, bark, pine cone, etc.

#4 What are your traditions?

  • Ask your kids what their favorite things are about Thanksgiving that you do every year
  • Tell your kids about traditions you and your family shared when your were growing up


Elizabeth McGlathery

Elizabeth McGlathery founded Just Married Ministries with her husband Jon. She enjoys writing, planning, and missions trips. She is currently the Marketing Assistant for D6 Family and serves as a local missionary with her husband. Connect with her at
Elizabeth McGlathery

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