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Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to connect with your kids while they’re out from school! Here are four simple ways to do so.

#1 Involve your kids in the planning and prepping for your Thanksgiving meal. 

  • Let them help with decorations
  • Ask if they would like to help with setting the table
  • Brainstorm the menu together

#2 Discuss what you are thankful for. 

  • Take a walk and point out things in nature that you are thankful for
  • Write out the word THANKSGIVING and have your kids come up with things they are thankful for that begin with a “T” and then an “H” and then an “A” and so on
  • Thanksgiving “Show and Tell”: Have your kids grab a few things from around the house and share with the family why they are thankful for it

#3 Autumn Scavenger Hunt

  • List 5 to 10 items your kids can search for
  • Examples: green leaf, red leaf, yellow leaf, acorn, biggest rock, twig, bird, squirrel, bark, pine cone, etc.

#4 What are your traditions?

  • Ask your kids what their favorite things are about Thanksgiving that you do every year
  • Tell your kids about traditions you and your family shared when your were growing up


Elizabeth McGlathery

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