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Can you imagine a house quarantine for weeks? One unnamed individual from China shared their family’s quarantined situation, not for having the virus but to prevent its spread. The government confined the families to their homes.

The Randall House and D6 Family Ministry team created a unique cloud-based folder filled with daily discipleship tools for all ages of the family. Contents included daily devotions, fun family questions, articles, and more. How people pass the time in close quarters can determine their outlook and personal growth. D6 Family Ministry is part of Randall House, a Christian resource provider who publishes books, Bible studies, curriculum, and hosts conferences. D6 is short for Deuteronomy 6, where God calls parents and grandparents to be a significant part of the spiritual development of their kids and grandkids. D6 teaches and provides tools for the church and home to work together with age-specific resources. People most often identify Randall House with the D6 Conference. The family ministry conference occurs annually in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and South Korea. In light of these relationships, Randall House felt the need to help Christ-followers in the hardest hit Asian countries. CEO Dr. Ron Hunter said, “Difficult circumstances often offer opportunities to change cultural habits. We cannot quarantine the gospel. During and after COVID-19, the coronavirus, maybe families will continue with these easy ways to initiate conversations that are both fun and lead to faith development. “ Now with the virus rapidly spreading in the U.S. and other countries, similar help is being offered in the D6 app, available for both Apple and Android users. When events get canceled, families stay at home. Togetherness provides an opportunity. The D6 app offers free resources like family fun questions, Splinks (spiritual links to your kids), Home Connections (offering read, pray, do activities), Family Fun Nights, and encouraging videos, all at no cost. There is no bait and switch. The app and its content is totally free. A link at the bottom connects to the D6 Podcast, where you will find interviews with some of the church’s best thought leaders in family and ministry. Marketing director, Lena Wooten noted, “Families need easy wins in these difficult times. The D6 app helps transform a scary moment into a special one.”

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