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Technology is constantly evolving in our culture. There will always be the next, best thing that grabs the attention of society, which brings unique challenges of how we are to deal with the ever-changing culture as our children are often very invested in these technological advances. It is easy to feel overwhelmed, but it is in our best interest—and our children’s best interest—that we educate ourselves. 

Stay informed when it comes to technology and culture. 1 Chronicles 12:32 tells us that David had men who understood the times and knew what to do with the information they had. To be able to minister well in our own families, we should follow this example when it comes to our children’s technology. 

While it is nearly impossible to know every single detail about technology and the hottest new apps, games, sites, etc., making an attempt to understand the technological culture of our children will make a major impact in our ability to lead them spiritually. 

Stay involved in their technology. While this has become a much more sensitive issue as of late, you, as the parent, must have the standards and boundaries set for your child. The amount of time they are permitted with technology should be clearly defined and held to that standard. Make it clear where they are permitted to visit on the internet, what they may watch on television, or what apps may be downloaded on their phones. 

Without guiding them in technology from a biblical perspective, culture will guide and permit them to become consumers without a biblical lens. Staying involved in their technology will keep you informed and give practical guidance as they live in today’s culture. 

Stay in tune with their activities. Accountability is the greatest gift you can give your child in issues of technology. Have regular discussions about the technology they are consuming. Let them know that you will have ongoing involvement in what they consume. When they know that they will be held accountable, it will help them pursue the wisdom that God commands. 

Have an open and honest discussion as to why you would be involved in their technology. While some children may not be mature enough to be trusted, that is typically not the heart behind a parent holding a child accountable. Instead, it is to steer and guide them, because you know what temptations are easily accessible through technology. 

Discuss often with your child ways they have seen technology abused by their peers, and come up with practical ways to battle against these temptations.

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