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My name is Jeremy, and I’m a ministry conference addict.

There I said it.  I feel much better.

I remember my first ministry conference.  I was a 19 year old youth minister, and I rolled up into what felt like a youth ministry Disney World.

My eyes were as big as saucers.  Seeing Dr. Richard Ross speaking on stage felt like watching Mick Jagger at a Rolling Stones concert… I’m pretty sure that’s the first time Dr. Ross has ever been compared to Mick Jagger :).

All of the speakers.  All of the authors. All of the ministry gurus. All of the breakout sessions. All of the main stage talks. There was so much to learn.

I had spent all my time planning events for teenagers to help them learn and get closer to God, and now someone had planned an event like that for me.

I was hooked.

After nearly 20 years of attending ministry conferences I still get that same excitement every time.

That’s why I’m geeked out about D6 Days.  I can get my ministry conference fix without ever leaving my office.

I happen to know that D6 Days is going to be awesome, because I had the honor of interviewing a lot of the speakers who are bringing the great content for D6 Days.

These aren’t just “off the top of your head” interviews either.  I cyber stalked every one of them, and crafted questions designed to bring out content that every minister could use.  Then I emailed it to them ahead of time with plenty of time for them to give great answers.  And they blew me away with their answers.  So many of them showed up to the interviews with notes prepared, ready to give great content.

I personally guarantee the quality of this content.  I was blown away by the useful material that came out of those interviews.  You are going to love it.

It’s also going to be a cool mixture of content.  There will be interviews, main stage talks, and all kinds of different formats to keep you from being bored.

You might have heard of D6 Days before.  The past few years, the team at D6 Family have taken a few days to release some content from the D6 Conference.  The whole goal was to give you a “taste” of what their live conference is like.

But this year, they are turning this into a huge event.  It’s going to be two days long and have over 22 different speakers. In short, this thing is going to another level.

You want to know one of my favorite parts?


That means if you were really smart, you’d send the link out to your volunteers and parents to give them a chance to get the conference experience.

Haven’t you always wanted to share your ministry conference experience with all of your volunteers?  Here’s the chance to do it, and all you have to do is mail out a link!

There’s going to be a ton of great conversations during the event as well on Twitter.  You can follow #D6Days to join in.

Here’s the bottom line… You just made it through Easter and in just a few months, the crazy summer calendar is going to smack you in the face.

It’s not a bad idea to schedule two days to just sit and let some of the best family ministry leaders in the country pour into you.  You’ll be ready to attack the summer and the fall with new inspiration!

Well, those two days are May 6-7.  Mark your calendars.

You have to register to participate in D6 Days so make sure to visit to grab your spot.

You know I will be there.  I have a problem.

My name is Jeremy, and I’m a ministry conference addict.

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