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Back to the Future of Families

By October 21, 2015Family Ministry

Today’s date, October 21, 2015, is significant for all “Back to the Future” enthusiasts.  In the second movie of the franchise’s trilogy, Doc Brown, Marty, and Jennifer go forward from 1985 to 2015. You can see a small clip of some of the many predictions they made from this minute long trailer. The second movie, which contains many predictions about what the future looks like, was released in 1989. Money Magazine has a short article about ten items they got right.

Let’s take the Back to the Future, concept and see what our curriculum looked like in 1985, what it looks like now, and ask the more important question about 30 years from now. I am not talking about hover boards, total speech interface intelligent devices, or personal bio-space predictive environments. The future of D6 2nd Generation Curriculum is less about what the curriculum looks like and more about what the future of families will look like. Marty’s glimpse of the future allowed him to see his own future threatened.  The result caused him to change two families’ trajectories—Biff’s and the McFly family.

If you could glimpse into the future for where your kids will be and what they will do, what decisions would you make differently today? Would you start having different conversations with your kids? As a ministry leader would you help parents prep their kids differently and more consistently at home? Look at the October 21, 2045 D6 Family. Today’s young adults will have kids who have grown up and have their own kids. Decisions we make today affect three plus generations. Set your time machine for 30 years from now and ask what are implications of the practices I have today for my grandkids or great grandkids.

The future D6 Family will not be concerned with looks as much as principles. Because the artificiality of looking a certain way or performing for anyone’s affirmation will not be the mindset. The D6 family will rely less on web-based answers and more on the sage wisdom of parents and grandparents who interact with their kids from a scriptural foundation. The conversations will be about affirming, developing, and helping kids connect biblical principles for decisions of life. The key is that families in the midst of a hugely tech world will value conversations, most of which will not be sermons from parents but heart connections. D6 Families will possess strong biblical worldviews, sense of family legacy, and the strength of principles to guide them.

The beauty of D6 Family is that you do not need a DeLorean car, flux capacitor, or 1.21 gigawatts of power. You simply need a church that understands the greatest ministry multiplier occurs when church and home work together to involve parents and grandparents to make D6 Principles a part of every day life. You want to see what October 21, 2045 could look like, then start helping families with the comprehensive discipleship strategy, books, and, tools the church and parents need to change current and future generations. While we cannot offer a time machine, we can offer a free church health assessment to forecast your church’s future.

Ron Hunter

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