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By October 2, 2017D6 Conference

By CHM member Tim Marshall
Pasadena, Texas

We served as pastors in Indiana for nearly 10 years. Then, eight years ago, we felt the Lord calling us to make a change in our ministry. That’s when we decided to pursue evangelism full-time.

We hadn’t had a health care plan for several years. Due to the new U.S. health care legislation and its requirements, we chose a different way to care for our family’s needs. A full-time evangelist doesn’t have a set or guaranteed income and we wanted something faith-based.

After extensive research and speaking with several staff members at Christian Healthcare Ministries, we felt this was the best choice. We joined CHM in January 2014 and we’re so very thankful for that decision.

In February we were in the final stages of preparing for an April missions trip to the Philippines. We planned to speak at churches and a youth camp in a city called Baguio.

Because my wife, Melanie, hadn’t seen a doctor in six years, she made an appointment in Houston where we were ministering at the time. The doctor discovered my wife had never had a mammogram. She sent her for one that day. Three days later, we were told that something looked abnormal.

Another biopsy and MRI confirmed that Melanie had invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC); her tumor was nine millimeters in size. She needed surgery quickly.

No one wants to hear the words “breast cancer” and there is no way to describe the feeling of panic, fear, desperation, and uncertainty. While I prayed, the Lord assured me: “I have it under control and everything will be all right.”

Of course, I’m human and had moments of distress. Through our ministry we’d witnessed many miracles and healings across the United States and even overseas. God healed people we prayed for who suffered from cancer, seizures, and many other medical issues. This was different. We were now faced with our own need, so we prayed continually for my wife’s healing.

Surgery was scheduled March 5. “Expect the cancer to be in the left breast and possibly in the lymph nodes as well,” doctors told us. We prayed for complete healing.

The doctor approached me after the surgery. “We removed the cancer on her right side. The tumor is now only 0.7 millimeters. There’s no other cancer in the lymph nodes or anywhere else.”

I was overjoyed at the tumor’s size reduction! God has always been faithful.

Many people have asked why God didn’t remove the cancer completely. My answer is this: “Yes, He could, but He gets more glory from this.” At first, the doctor suggested that my wife undergo chemotherapy, but she’s now receiving radiation treatment and is doing wonderfully.

It’s a walk of faith, but we’re taking this walk together and the Lord continues to lead the way.

When I contacted CHM about my wife’s condition, I was asked if she could be placed on the prayer list. I was so impressed that someone would be interested enough to take the time to pray for her situation.

I then spoke with Wilma in the Needs Processing department, who was kind and able to assist us in processing our medical bills. I talked with Lori in the Member Advocate department, who said if I had any problems with payments to the doctors to let her know.

CHM has completely taken care of us during this difficult time of our lives. We’re forever grateful, and I tell everyone about this health care option. CHM fulfills biblical principles as the body of Christ bears one another’s burdens.

It’s been a blessing to not have to worry about the medical bills. After $20,125 in discounts, CHM shared $23,514. We don’t know what we would have done if CHM hadn’t been there for us. Our faith has been lifted and we realize more than ever that God is fighting for us.

Our Christian Healthcare Ministries family ministered to us during a time of crisis. We are confident that if you are looking for affordable and biblical healthcare, CHM is the answer—and if you join you will experience God’s richest blessings.

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