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By August 28, 2012February 17th, 2014Family Ministry, Parenting

Every religion has a sacred book. Only Christianity has the incarnation, which literally means “en-flesh-ment.” God became a flesh-and-blood human being to reveal Himself to us in a way written words could not accomplish. The gospel of John tells us that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Christianity is not a religion of lofty ideals or a distant lawgiver. The God of Christianity is someone we “have seen with our eyes” and whom “our hands have handled” because the Father “was manifested to us.” No wonder every major heresy in church history has been an attack on the doctrine of the incarnation. Satan hates that God became flesh. He also hates healthy families because they serve as flesh-and-blood icons of the unity and love that flows within and from the Trinity. The Scriptures tell us that when husband and wife become one flesh in the pleasure of marital union it creates a picture of the beautiful union between Christ and His church. It also reaps the gift of children—filling the world with more fleshy reminders of Satan’s mortal enemy.

Life comes from unity with God and others—moving toward others. Death means separation—moving away. Happy homes echo the intimate joys of heaven. Broken, troubled families, by contrast, imitate the loneliness, isolation, and anger of hell.

Do you want to make the Devil cringe like scratching nails on a chalkboard? Then celebrate fifty-years of marriage or enjoy laughter with your children around the dinner table. Satan does not fear a religion that merely stencils words on astone wall, or even preaches them in a sermon. What he dreads is when “the Word” becomes “flesh-and-blood” in the tangible context of a God-honoring marriage and family.

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