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Can you relate to any of the following statements? 

  • We are too busy to incorporate regular family devotional times into our schedule.
  • My parents didn’t model faith moments, so I don’t know what it looks like.
  • We didn’t start out doing this, so I am not sure how to begin doing it now.
  • What if my kids don’t want to participate?

2 Timothy 3:16-17 helps us understand the value of learning God’s Word. The Bible teaches valuable truths and provides needed correction and training for living a godly life. Parents must find ways to be intentional about teaching and modeling biblical truths in the home because a few hours a week in a formal Christian education setting (church, small group, etc.) is not enough to combat the evil one’s intentional efforts to ignore God and His Word.

So what does this look like? 

What is a Family Faith Moment? What Family Faith Moments (or whatever you choose to call it) are not: They are not always formal gatherings with intense Bible study and deep theological discussion. In fact, Deuteronomy 6:6–9 encourages parents to capture teachable moments throughout the day. Sometimes that happens while riding in the car or in line at the store. Other times it takes place while preparing a meal or cleaning out the garage. Often, one of the biggest deterrents to these intentional faith-talk moments is the temptation to believe we are not equipped or not spiritual enough to make it happen—that we don’t have what it takes. Don’t fall prey to that trap from the enemy. We cannot be more intentional in emphasizing good personal hygiene or vehicle safety than we are in cultivating meaningful daily interaction with the Lord.

Suggestions for developing or increasing Family Faith Moments with your family:

  • Take advantage of commutes to and from school or other activities. Car rides provide a captive audience for memorizing Scripture or discussing a biblical truth to help process a difficult situation.
  • Pause during a show or when it is over to discuss choices made by characters or situations represented. Encourage your child to identify what God’s Word has to say about those things and what can be learned from those examples.
  • Challenge family members to memorize a portion of Scripture together by posting the verses around the house. Consider saying them in creative ways (via phone apps or video messages) and adding motions to aid with memory if your family would enjoy that.
  • While waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant or around the table at home, take turns answering Fun Family Questions from the D6 Family App.

In addition to capturing moments like those listed above, be intentional to schedule some Faith Moments for your family and add them to the calendar. Families schedule everything from doctor visits to watching a favorite show together. Why not schedule something as important as learning from God’s Word? Consistency is important. Don’t give up if your kids seem to be uninterested. Did you have to tell your kids more than once to brush their teeth? Did you quit making your son wear a seatbelt just because he didn’t want to? Whether they are written on the calendar or impromptu additions to moments in the day, there is nothing more important than being intentional to diligently teach your kids the value of knowing God and growing a relationship with Him every day.

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