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I’m Not a Disney Mom

By June 24, 2014Parenting

I just realized that this morning.

Sure, we love all things Mary Poppins, and we’ve watched The Lion King enough to reenact the whole screenplay verbatim. But when push comes to shove, I just can’t get behind the whole Happily Ever After thing. Or the whole Dream That You Wish Will Come True thing. … I think Messily Ever After and The Dream You Didn’t Know About Or Hope For Will Come True are a little more accurate.

At any rate. I was just thinking about this for some reason while driving home from my parent’s house… I’ve been doing some heavy contemplating about disloyal people (it’s a blessing and a curse to be so pensive). Thinking about quitters. About how sadly rare it actually is to know people who aren’t. And about how to prepare my children for a world in which few people will be loyal to them and even fewer people will hang in there for better or worse.

Depressing, huh?

(Hence my not qualifying as a Disney mom.)

But, honestly. How many people do you know who’ve quit their marriages, quit their churches or life groups, quit their jobs, or quit friendships when things got messy. I’ve personally been the quitted friend enough to lose some of my child-like optimism about friendship. And I’ve just been married long enough to be in the front row for my friends’ divorces rather than their weddings.

But this is the world. And the culture. Don’t like your spouse? quit. Don’t like your church? quit. Don’t like the truth your friend shared with you? quit her. Don’t like your job? quit it.

Like it or not (and I’m sorry to all the optimists out there reading this), THIS is the environment in which we are raising our children, as ugly and as sad and as messy as it is. And I want to give them the truth about it, equip them for it. And I want to raise them to be loyal, faithful people. And, I want to give them hope for relationships that work amidst the mess, and hope for the joy of true fellowship, lasting friendships, and healthy marriages despite the prognosis.

…Not that I have any real clue how to do this in actuality.

The best I can come up with is to not be a quitter. So I’ve started praying that the Lord would show me where I give up and ways that I fail to be loyal so I can change. Because I know I’m a quitter in ways too.

And I’ve decided to start being honest with them about our failures–allowing it to be a talking point–so they aren’t blindsided when people fail them. (Incidentally, we had the BEST talk last night about loyalty. I love their open hearts and sharing spirits!)

And praying. Praying for wisdom, for growing in my own personal walk with the Lord in ways that promote His Spirit living through me. Praying for the Lord to preserve their goodness and promote their gifts and protect their child-like, faithful love.

And cultivating stronger friendships with all the wonderful people that I do have who are strong and loyal and enduring and long suffering (love you guys!), so that my children can see more of these people and have a greater “cloud of witnesses.”

And of course, to love them faithfully, loyally, no matter what, every day, all the time.

Because, despite the climate of the culture around them, I see these wonderful little people to grow up in to uncompromising, faithful, loyal people who pour out blessings all over the people all around them. I want them to grow to be people who love the Messily Ever Afters and embrace those Dreams You Didn’t Know About Or Hope For. And I don’t want them disappointed because it won’t look like the movies, but instead full of joy because it looks like Christ.

Grace Rowe
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  • And not set them up to be failures. That’s why we need things like D6. Check out some of the materials they offer

  • Melinda says:

    Absolutely perfect!! You get it Grace – no doubt that your kids will too!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Paul Owens says:

    “And I don’t want them disappointed because it won’t look like the movies, but instead full of joy because it looks like Christ.”

  • Judylynn Gilman says:

    Love your heart and desire for all of Christ and not being set up by a Disney dream to just be let down. However, I am thankful for the heart and hope of my, Cinderella/SnowWhite…”Dreams do come true and Happily ever after.” I know that as a little girl, who could have easily lost hope and even life; I am thankful that Abba Daddy was able to speak to my heart through a Disney movie. Looking back I am so thankful that I was a little dreamer and given the opportunity to believe in things hoped for and that there was A Way, for that which seemed so impossible, to be possible. Even, if Jesus met me at that young age as I sat in awe and claimed the promise of “Happily Ever After” as mine through a Disney movie.

    Hope in my Prince of Love riding in and saving me or dancing with me into the early morning, I call saving grace! Oh there were many times I came close to giving up and yes I searched in hope, in many directions…that were far from a dream hoped for. But that dream is what kept my heart open to His truth…a truth I would someday see manifest. He meets us where we are, not where we should be and walks with us until the Glorious day we realize He is, was, and will be our Prince of Princes and Yes, Praise God, Dreams do come true!

    He adores us and all it takes is the faith of a mustard seed to activate the unveiling of the bride awaiting her Groom. For me that seed was planted deep in my heart before the adversary had a chance to distort my ability to dream. He is my Prince and oh so much more than I could ever hope for or dream! He’s even granted me an earthy Prince/King to help me prepare for His coming. Totally worth the years of persecution and being picked on for being a believer in “Happily Ever After”

    Blessings of love and hope in His Amazing Grace!

    His little dreamer…Still awaiting the return of her Heavenly Prince, in total faith that even when I awake each glorious day…A dream is alive because He holds my heart and yours, as a delicate glass slipper, in the palm of His hand.

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