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As troops amassed close to the border over the past several weeks, the whole world held its breath. Like kids on the playground fearing a bully, the atmosphere on the world’s proverbial playground significantly changed. People began to fear for the families of Ukraine and the kids playing in the streets of Kyiv.

As Putin initiated the actual invasion, an unexpected hero emerged. Ukrainian president Zelensky took off his coat and tie and donned a military uniform complete with helmet. Unlike politicians of the past, this was not for show. This leader did not talk about battles, or watch them from afar, or run from one. Inspiring the world as well as his country, President Zelensky fought alongside the other fathers and husbands of his country. An enemy was invading, and they determined it was time to fight 

You see the parallel to how Satan is laying siege around churches and families today. We need to muster the courage of President Zelensky and the call from Nehemiah 4:14 to fight for our sons and daughters, our wives, and our homes. The reason people do not fight is not for lack of passion, it’s for a lack of preparation. If you expect to be effective on the battlefield you must train, prepare, and rehearse. Not only must you know your weapons, you must also understand a strategy for how to deploy them.

The D6 Conference offers the best training, equipping, and strategy-making opportunities for pastors and parents to implement Nehemiah 4:14. Upon completion of the fortification of Jerusalem, the families began to dig deep into the Word, not just on the Sabbath but every day, as spelled out in Nehemiah chapter 8. At the end of the chapter, it is noted that not since the days of Joshua had parents been teaching their kids the way God had instructed them to according to Deuteronomy chapter 6. Let’s come together and find the courage of President Zelensky and the calling of Nehemiah. Let’s recognize the battle for our families is real and the assault can be repelled with proper preparation. Come together and meet with other pastors, parents, and leaders to discover tactics and principles upon which you can stake your family’s defense. Let’s take off the daily attire and put on the armor of God, or we will not be able to stand. Let’s make this year’s D6 Conference the command center for battle prep.

Ron Hunter

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