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Some of the Most Unreached People in the United States

By August 23, 2012February 6th, 2014Children's Ministry, Family Ministry

What if you found out that a specific group of families in your community were unreached with the gospel? What if I told you that families from this group regularly share stories with me about rejection from churches?

You’d want to know the group, wouldn’t you? I could simply tell you, but instead I’ll let the facts speak for themselves.

For starters, take a look at these facts about families and children.

  • Nearly one in six children has a developmental disability. (source)
  • Approximately 1 in 88 children has an autism spectrum disorder. (source)
  • When parents learn of their unborn babies’ diagnosis of Down syndrome prenatally, 92% choose to abort rather than welcome a son or daughter with Down syndrome. (source)
  • When a couple has a child with autism or ADHD, some research indicates that (a) the rate of divorce is nearly twice as high and (b) the risk of divorce lasts longer into adolescence/adulthood as for parents whose children don’t have disabilities. (source and source)

Then review some more facts from US Census data in 2008 (source).

  • 19% of the American population lives with some level of disability (54 million people, which is roughly the size of the combined populations of Florida and California).
  • 12% of the population (35 million people) has a severe disability.
  • 11 million people with disabilities in the US need assistance with everyday tasks.

Finally, consider these facts about disability and the church.

  • Some disability ministry leaders have estimated that 85-90% of people with disabilities are unchurched. (source and source)
  •  People with disabilities are less likely to attend worship services, Bible studies, and other church activities than those without disabilities. (source)
  • People with autism are more likely to be atheists and more likely to reject organized religion in general. (source)

M prayer is that your eyes are opened to the great opportunity we have to introduce families with great needs to our great God.




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